CASE STUDY: Jamuna Group

How an Integrated SEO Strategy Helped Jamuna group

Worked collaboratively with the diabs team to ensure that the website design accurately reflected the brand values

The website was built to allow the content to be easily edited by the team at diabs and to handle the job search functionality

Technology: Shopify

How an Integrated SEO Strategy & Web Development Helped Kokoon

We prioritize your hearing health when you visit our ENT office. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, considerate care that you deserve. The night after, you should feel at ease as the Kokoon app works with your Philips Sleep Headphones to help you sleep soundly. Our binaural soundscapes invite you to immerse yourself in an immersive sound experience.


The current website design needs to be updated, but it is also not responsive to mobile devices. Older websites were written in HTML, so the client needed the help of a developer to make any changes to the current website. Although the website was receiving a good amount of traffic, the visitors were not becoming patients because of the poor user interface, slow loading times, and lack of a call to action button.


At Brand Highlighters, we are responsible for creating a new website. We began by creating a website that is easy for visitors to navigate using proper HTML codes. The goal is to create an online experience that converts users into fans and customers into champions.

  • The website design was not interactive.
  • Redirecting Issues.
  • The website was not User Friendly.
  • Very slow speed.


Our experts were able to implement certain Google best practices when developing the Kokoon website, which allowed us to prepare the website for a powerful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign. The first step was to create a new website that better represented Kokon Sleep Headphones and their profession. Enjoy sounds created to help you get quality sleep. Choose from meditations, soundscapes, binaural beats, and more.

Using appropriate HTML codes, we built a modern website with a bespoke design that allowed us to prominently show key information about their sleep headphones business.

  • Contact Information
  • Office Hours
  • Service Information

The business value

The result

User Experience improved overall and the website was made compatible with all the screen sizes.

The strategy

We use advanced SEO & web development strategies to change the overall look of the website and how to make the website navigation easy for users.


Our offerings help visitors to navigate the website easily and quickly.