CASE STUDY: Jamuna Group

How an Integrated SEO Strategy Helped Jamuna group

Worked collaboratively with the diabs team to ensure that the website design accurately reflected the brand values

The website was built to allow the content to be easily edited by the team at diabs and to handle the job search functionality

CASE STUDY: Herron Apparel
Technology: Shopify

How an Integrated SEO Strategy & Web Development Helped Herronapparel

In today's world, where fashion often intersects with a sense of responsibility, Herron Apparel has emerged as a leader in athletic wear that champions comfort without compromising on ethical principles. Established in 2018, Herron is quickly gaining admiration for its dual commitment to unparalleled comfort and conscious production.


The existing website was not well designed, nor was it user-friendly; users had trouble finding the right image to view, and the product's image quality was subpar. The website was not receiving many visitors because it loaded slowly, had a bad interface, did not have a call to action button loading speed, and lacked a call to action button, all contributing factors to its low visitor traffic.


At Brand Highlighters, we are creating a new website using the best web development and SEO techniques. We are responsible for creating a new website. We began by creating a website with appropriate themes, converting low-quality photos to high-quality ones, and creating an intuitive user interface.

  • Website Design was not interactive
  • Redirecting Issues
  • The website was not User Friendly
  • Very Slow Speed


The first stage involved designing a new website that more accurately represented Lullabuy and their line of work. We developed an eCommerce website with interactive designs that make it simple for users to navigate to the product of their choice. We also improved the quality of the product images so that users could examine the product in greater detail.

Our new design enabled us to prominently display important details about their e-commerce online store, such as Our experts were able to implement specific codes when developing the new website.

  • Improve Speed
  • Develop User-Friendly Website
  • Correct product Information

The business value

The result

User Experience improved overall and the website was made compatible with all the screen sizes.

The strategy

We use advanced SEO & web development strategies to change the overall look of the website and how to make the website navigation easy for users.


Our offerings help visitors to navigate the website easily and quickly.