CASE STUDY: Jamuna Group

How an Integrated SEO Strategy Helped Jamuna group

Worked collaboratively with the diabs team to ensure that the website design accurately reflected the brand values

The website was built to allow the content to be easily edited by the team at diabs and to handle the job search functionality

CASE STUDY: Bon Appetit
Technology: WordPress

How an Integrated SEO Strategy & Web Development Helped Bonappetit

A lifelong love of cooking and a desire to use food to change the world. This case study explores the development of the community from its beginnings to its current state as a thriving community that focuses on delicious, healthy meals and its global impact.


The lack of a call to action button and the current website design were not user-friendly; it was difficult for visitors to find the exact image of the food; the product's visual quality was poor; and the website's poor interface, slow loading speed, and lack of a call to action button were all contributing factors to its low visitor traffic. It was hard to find the exact image of the food, and the product's visual quality could have been better.


At Brand Highlighters, we are creating a new website using the best web development and SEO techniques. We started building a website with appropriate themes. We started by converting low-quality photos to high-quality images and creating an intuitive user interface. The business faced challenges in balancing its cuisine concept with societal or commercial demands and how it overcame them.

  • The design of the website was not interactive.
  • Redirection Issues.
  • The website was difficult to navigate.
  • There is less information about food items.


We had to create a new website that would better represent Bonappetit and its industry. We did this by creating a restaurant website with dynamic designs that make it easy for users to find the products they want. We also improved the visual quality of the food items so that users could examine them in detail. His lifelong love of cooking and early interest in it show where his expertise and enthusiasm came from. Our new design allowed us to prominently display important information about their food items.

Our professionals were able to incorporate specific codes when designing the new website. We were able to create an interactive theme and easy product navigation for the website. Finally, we used SEO tactics on the website to raise its ranking.

  • Speed Improvement
  • User-Friendly Website
  • Correct Food Product Information

The business value

The result

User Experience improved overall and the website was made compatible with all the screen sizes.

The strategy

We use advanced SEO & web development strategies to change the overall look of the website and how to make the website navigation easy for users.


Our offerings help visitors to navigate the website easily and quickly.