Social media agencies are not just for creating and posting content. Anyone can do that. What social media agencies do is create an effective social media strategy, create engaging content, track performance, and offer recommendations on the next steps. 

Working with a social media agency is an absolute must if your business doesn’t have a dedicated team to handle social media content and marketing. However, choosing the right agency is never easy.

Here are the top social media agencies in London and UK:

Brand Highlighters

Founded in UK in 2022, Brand Highlighter has been a popular choice among agencies and small businesses for creating high-quality social media content at scale.

Brand Highlighters is known for creating original and engaging content for all the major social media platforms, including images, videos, copywriting, hashtags, and more. Besides creating content, Brand Highlighters also provides the necessary tools and processes for effective collaboration between agencies and their clients, or between team members at a small business.

Brand Highlighters white label dashboard allows clients to provide feedback and approve social media posts in one place, while its team of social media managers handles content creation, scheduling and publishing.

    Want a complete audit report and strategy plan for your brand?

    One Umbrella

    One Umbrella is also one of the best social media marketing companies for small businesses in the UK. They create a variety of posts for your business, suited to your business and business goals. Each brand is assigned a dedicated account manager specializing in innovative content creation.

    One Umbrella also offers services to help grow your follower base, building a strong online presence while you focus on your business. It grows your customer base through social networks and search engines.

    Appetite Creative

    Based in London, with overseas offices in Madrid and Dubai, Appetite Creative is an award-winning business, working with a diverse range of clients from tech companies to advertising agencies. Appetite Creative’s social media management services combine the power of social media with in-depth data and insight to maximize ROI.

    They help you in building the right content strategy and creating engaging content that can help you grow your customer base.


    Pixated is a digital marketing and web design agency in the UK, offering results-based advertising. Their experienced team creates innovative marketing campaigns to help your business achieve the best possible results. Besides Facebook ads, they also offer other services such as PPC advertising, Creative Web Design, web development, email marketing, and app marketing.

    Pixated has been recognized as one of the market leaders in the UK and is one of the top agencies on Clutch.

    Complex Creative

    Based in Central London, Complex Creative is a creative agency specializing in social media management. They are known for creating exceptional content for businesses of all sizes. With over 13 years of experience in the industry, Complex Creative is an award-winning agency offering transparent, high-quality, and result-oriented services.


    Favoured are a digital marketing and social media agency in London, that is known for its quality results. They can help you develop an effective social media strategy, create meaningful content, and measure outcomes to offer high ROI. Favoured has won several awards, including Clutch’s Top Advertising Agency for 2022.

    Besides handling your social media, Favoured also conducts extensive analysis to create unique strategies that will propel your business to the forefront of your customers’ minds.

    Brick Social

    Brick Social is one of the best social media agencies in London, that can help your business grow through Facebook and Google ads. From research, strategy, copywriting, to website optimization, Brick Social offers comprehensive services to help expand your business through social media marketing.

    Since 2017, Brick Social has been helping DTC brands grow through successful social media campaigns.


    YouYaa is another good choice among social media agencies in the UK. It is primarily a performance marketing agency, providing growth strategies and scaling for businesses of all sizes. Founded in 2008, the company was initially called Digital Buddy, offering digital marketing consultancy services to businesses like HSBC MENA, Barclays Bank, Sony Ericcson, Emirates Airlines, Oliver Agency, and more.

    YouYaa’s social media strategy adapts to the changing trends of the industry. The company analyses your social media followers and creates a strategy that is tailored to them. They not only create social media content for several social media channels, but they also monitor your online conversations. It does not end there. YouYaa will also monitor and measure your social media performance and ROI.


    COAL is a digital marketing agency with offices in London, Birmingham, and Hong Kong. They offer end-to-end marketing services for a wide range of businesses, including social media management services. COAL has won numerous awards over the years and offers creativity, strategy, and craft that help businesses grow. The primary objective of COAL’s social media strategy is to help businesses increase sales. They use various channels to boost sales and increase conversions.

    COAL uses in-depth analysis to create a well-rounded social media strategy that takes into account various aspects of social media. They create social content calendars, creative maps, and response maps to execute the strategy, turning it into a success. They also use A/B testing to ensure that their strategies work.

    System Social

    System Social is a social media management agency in UK, helping businesses unlock their potential on social media. The company offers fast-track social media strategies and creates content aligned with brand values and goals. With their brand outreach efforts, System Social increases community awareness, PR interest, and influencer relationships.


    Social media agencies are experts at what they do and working with professionals can help you ace your social media marketing game. They have dedicated resources that help them efficiently handle multiple social media accounts, saving you time and effort.

    A good social media agency will provide a strong social media strategy and quality content to help you increase conversions, improve revenue, and grow your customer base.